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Costa Rica Photography Adventure with Nature Photography Adventures

December 4-14, 2015 - Limited Space Available

Join Nature Photography Adventures for an exciting photography adventure in Costa Rica's rainforests and mountains, and along its Pacific Coast.

What should a Costa Rica Nature Photography Adventure include?

December 2015 Prices:
$3,790 each, double occupancy.
$4,390 each, single occupancy


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Rainforests and Cloud Forests


Canopy Photography


Tropical Beaches


We have woven together a set of photographic opportunities and Costa Rican experiences that will put you in the right place at the right time to produce great images - and give you a set of personal experiences guaranteed to make you fall in love with this beautiful country. You will come home with a great collection of images and a better understanding of the diverse ecosystems and fascinating culture of Costa Rica.


Our explorations will concentrate on rainforests, cloud forests, and coastal mangrove forests of the Pacific side of Costa Rica. We'll visit Monteverde and some of the other "big name" parks - but we'll also explore some of the less traveled spots in Costa Rica in our quest for exciting images.

We will explore rainforests and cloud forests on amazing ground trails, from stable suspended walkways high in the canopy, and (optionally) by zipline.

We'll find beautiful birds (Costa Rica has over twice the species of continental United States), frogs, butterflies, leaf cutter ants, sloths and monkeys.

We'll photograph the exciting designs and patterns of forests from both the ground and the canopy! And we'll create artful images of waterfalls surrounded by beautiful forests.

We'll explore the coastal mangrove forests, creating images of exciting birds, monkeys, crabs, caimans, iguanas and crocodiles. The patterns of the coastal mangrove forests, themselves, are conducive to great art.

Costa Rica is where some of the best coffee in the world is grown. During our December adventure, they will just be beginning the coffee harvest, picking plump red coffee berries and hauling them to small mills where they are prepared for shipment around the world. We'll get to pick berries, photograph and learn the process, and sample some of the best coffee you can imagine. Yes, you can bring some home!
Both the coast and the mountains will present exciting landscape photography opportunities. We will position ourselves to explore these exciting landscapes in exciting light!

We have designed this adventure for a small group (5-10 photographers). We've picked lodgings that put us close to the action - you should be able to step out your door in each place and capture great images!

This is a great adventure for your non-photographer traveling partner to enjoy. We'll have wonderful experiences they can "get into" - and the photography pace of this adventure won't cause them to grit their teeth!

  • This adventure is likely to fill - please don't wait until the last moment
  • December 2015 Prices: $3,790 each, double occupancy. $4,390 each, single occupancy
  • Deposit for this adventure is $800 per perso