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Diane Kelsay and Bob Harvey lead photography adventures to special natural and cultural destinations around the planet. They have a long history, as professional photographers and as planners of sustainable tourism, in creating dramatic light images of natural and cultural destinations and using those images to help in the protection of fragile resources and the development and marketing of destination-sensitive tourism.

Through Nature Photography Adventures, Diane and Bob share special places with small groups of photographers. The adventures are carefully crafted to create opportunities to capture striking images by being in great places for great light and great natural events. Diane and Bob work with participating photographers to help each grow photographic abilities while also ensuring success in challenging photographic situations.

Many of the destionations that Bob and Diane guide photographers through are places where they have gained great familiarity with as they worked to guide sustainable tourism development. As Nature Photography Adventures has gained a following, and many of the participants are now repeat patrons, Diane and Bob are constantly exploring and researching new destinations to excite and challenge our group of friends and photographers.

The greatest joy the two experience is when a traveler is able to capture an image of something they never believed they would see - and are just learning the techniques to enable that images. They share a passion for the beauty and fragility of the planet.