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2020 Galapagos Photography Odyssey - April 12-25 - Space Available
Note: These Adventures fill early - and they are worth the wait!

Join us for the Best Galapagos Photography Tour, led by professional nature photographers Diane Kelsay and Bob Harvey, who guide nature photography adventures all year all around the planet. This isn't just a Galapagos cruise that invites you to bring cameras - it's a Galapagos photography adventure designed by nature photographers for nature photographers - and led by photographers passionate as you about creating outstanding photo art.

2020 Galapagos Adventure
Galapagos Park Rules
(download pdf)

The Galapagos Islands are, without doubt, one of the premiere places on the planet to get up close with cameras to an exciting array of amazing animals. And we've put together what we believe is the best photographic adventure in the Galapagos.

There are a lot of Galapagos cruises - so it's a pretty big statement to say "the best photographic adventure in the Galapagos." Prove it.

We start with the MV Samba, a small elegant vessel with 7 comfortable cabins, a great galley, crew, and a large area of open deck (important for photographing whales, dolphins, and scenery).

Juan Salcedo, Samba's chief guide, has secured an ideal itinerary for nature photography. We have a wonderful selection of islands, great trails on those islands, and landing times that coincide with good light and great wildlife activity. And we stay ashore much longer than the average Galapagos cruise group - taking our time to work the opportunities and let "nature perform".

Diane and Bob lead each group of 10-12 photographers on a one or two week adventure amongst the islands - creating really good rations between photography guide/instructors and participants. We'll help you understand the photographic challenges of each landing - in addition to working with Juan to get you to great opportunities in great light. We're skilled at working with photographers of all abilities - helping you both "get the shot" and grow your skills in this exciting environment.

The Galapagos visitor count went from 2,000 in the 60s to 150,000 today. To manage impacts to this remarkable ecosystem, visitors are only allowed on a few trails spread out over the 60 islands. Shore time is limited to daylight hours. And each boat has to stick to a specific itinerary, built in advance, to keep the visits spread out across the islands.

When you choose a boat, check its itinerary - even more important than the on-board amenities.

Juan is a great naturalist guide - and a good photographer himself. He is great at helping participants sit quietly and let the animals go about their lives in ways that create fantastic compositional opportunities. He's also a wealth of knowledge and very good at explaining complex natural processes in ways we can all understand. Your non-photographer travel partner will not feel impatient with our photographic group when he/she has this walking encyclopedia to discuss marine and island life with!


Back on the Samba, each cabin has ample electricity for downloading and charging. And, it's customary for those on board to gather in the salon to compare images and discuss technique. A large flat screen enables us to see images as a group and for the instructors/guide to give lectures and orientations.

Why is this the best Galapagos Photography Trip?

  • Sailings timed for great natural events
  • Excellent collection of island stops
  • Landings timed for photographic opportunities
  • More time ashore
  • Photography guides who are strong photographers and great teachers
  • Best photo guide to group size ratio
  • Superior naturalist guide
  • Better preparation with each outing
  • Small group on small yacht, rather than small group on a large yacht with a lot of non-photographers
  • Great boat for working with scenery, whale and dolphin sightings
  • Snorkel gear provided free (won't take up space in your travel bags)
  • Great facility for downloading, recharging, comparing images, talking photography
  • We're passionate about the Galapagos - and about Galapagos conservation

You'll be traveling and designing images with a group of avid photographers that has joined Diane Kelsay and Bob Harvey to explore nature photography destinations around the planet. These people are welcoming of newcomers - and quite typically stay in touch with each other long after the adventure.

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Explore Yellowstone's winter wonderland by snow coach, capturing images of pristing winter scenes, abundant wildlife, and exciting thermal features... We offer the best itinerary, the best oversnow vehicles, and a balance between wildlife, landscapes, thermal features, waterfalls, and macro photography! Join us!
Jan 6-12
One Space Available
Jan 13-19
Jan 20-26
Draped across the border between Brazil and Argentina, Iguazú Falls has the largest annual flow of any waterfall in the world. The brink stretches for 2.5 miles, broken into a number of individual falls. Devil's Throat is perhaps the most powerful section of this mammoth waterfall. Join us for an exciting exploration, from both sides of the falls, including outings by full moon light! You will learn new techniques and photograph wateralls and rainbows like you never have before! We'll also delve into the flora and fauna of this unique ecosystem!
Space Available
Mar 14-23

Yellowstone Spring Photography Safari

Spring in Yellowstone means babies. Little bison, with umbilicals dangling, learning to romp. Elk quietly giving birth away in secret places. Bears leaving hibernation with their young. All against a backdrop of new green grasses and wildflowers against peaks, still capped with snow. And water gushing down rivers and over waterfalls. Thermals, including geysers, performing for our lenses. Are you coming?
Space Available
May 18-25

Private Ecuador Bird Photography

Contact us about private adventures.
Private Adventure
Jun 8-16
Glaciers, waterfalls, puffins, geysers, volcanos, amazing landscapes, black sand beaches, and nesting sea birds! Join us as we explore Iceland, cameras in hand.
Space Available
Jul 8-17
This float plane-based adventure will take us deep into the Alaskan wilderness where we'll put ourselves in position for up-close and personal photography of bears fishing for salmon - and jostling with each other. This is a rugged adventure that will send you home with countless great images, both of the bears and of this great wilderness.
Space Available
Aug 3-10

Wild Bunch and the Mara Crossing!

When the great Serengeti Migration reaches the Mara River in the Tanzania/Kenya border region, the millions of wildebeest and zebras have to cross. In that river, crocodiles await. What follows is high drama. What a fitting safari for our Wild Bunch. Oh, and we'll weave in some other spectacular parts of Tanzania, including the predators of the Central Serengeti, the Ngorongoro Crater, and more! If you are wild enough, check with us to see if you qualify!
Aug 25 - Sep 7

Journey with us through Ecuador's Chocó Cloudforest Ecosystem to find exciting birds. We have choreographed an adventure to help you build an outstand collection of images of colorful and exotic birds - including a number of unique hummingbirds! And, we'll have our very own bird "whisperer" along to help us find them! Did we mention nightwalks for frogs and spiders? And butterflies and waterfalls?
Space Available
Oct 6-13
Iceland presents an outstanding opportunity to compose great images of the Northern Lights at night, while finding dramatic light on landscapes and waterfalls during the day! We'll also take time to explore an ice cave, visit a glacial lagoon filled with icebergs, and photograph icebergs on the beach!
Space Available
Oct 27 - Nov 5


Frogs and waterfalls. Beaches and canopy trails. And many hours on boats photographing exciting birds and monkeys. This is a great adventure for working on bird and wildlife techniques, mastering the challenging light of the rainforest, macros, and landscapes. Hummingbirds with flashes and night photography with LED lights!
Space Available
Timed to meet the great migration in the Serengeti, our safari takes you to some of the great parks and protected areas in northern Tanzania in search of lions, zebras, giraffes, cheetah, hyenas... Of all our itineraries, anywhere in the world, this one has the best reviews - and is a real life-changing experience! If you'll only be making one photography foray into sub-Saharan Africa in your life - this is the trip!
1 spot open
For 2020, we have woven together an itinerary that gets us to some seldom visited parts of the Galapagos, some of our favorite places, and the spots where we can photograph penguins, tortoises, flightless cormorants, all kinds of boobies, breeding frigates, marine and land iguanas and more! We have 10 nights at sea! Don't forget that this trip always fills early - you won't be able to join it in the 12 months before departure!
Spaces Available
(1 Cabin)
Apr 12-25
We are off to Rioja and Ribera del Duero in Spain in search of castles, Roman aquaducts, cathedrals, and great wines. We'll venture into centuries old underground wine caves, visit modern wineries, walk among the vines, eat gourmet meals, and taste excellent wines - photographing as we go.
Space Available
May 18-28
It's time to grab your spot on our 2020 Kenya Photography Safari. We have secured a set of logistics to put us in great positions to photograph great wildlife, superb landscapes, and some unique cultures. Your chance to create images of three kinds of giraffes, and several species not found in other southern and eastern Africa safari destinations. Our key destinations include Samburu, Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Mount Kenya, Lakes Elementaita, Nakuru, and Naivasha, and the Masai Mara!
Space Available
Sep 6-18
Turkey! Where the East meets the West - Asia and Europe divide Istanbul at the Bosporus! Blue Mosque. Spice Market. Grand Bazaar. Cappadocia. Ephesus. Hierapolis. Sagalasos. Aphrodisias. The Acropolis. Temple of Athena. Assos. Troy! The list goes on! Throw in incredible artisans - and some of the best olives and olive oil on the planet - and a well executed photographic adventure itinerary! Let's go!
Space Available
Sep 26 - Oct 10


Botswana Photography Safari

Botswana just after the rains. Swollen rivers and wildlife along the edges. Birds abundant and nesting. Animals fresh as tourism stops during the rains - we'll be the first groups in and we are going places no one else will go. Count on great opportunities with hippos and elephants, antelope, zebras, wildebeest, cats and dogs. Small group by design. Read the itinerary and then contact us!
Space Available
Mar 5-17