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Yellowstone Winter Photography Safari

We are calling this the Group of the Wolf, this fourth group to join us in Yellowstone in early 2013.  But, it could, legitimately also be called the Group of the Falling Snow.  Or perhaps the Group of the Portraits, as it seemed like many animals simply posed for this group.

But let’s talk first of the wolves…


Lone Wolf following the Canyon Pack
© 2013 Bob Harvey

We crossed paths with the Canyon Pack all week long.  First, it was only tracks in the fresh snow along our way.  Then, we caught up with the pack – six of them – as they romped across a meadow.

Later we were serenaded with the soul-gripping songs of the pack, which sent shivers up our spines.  More importantly, it sent an advance warning to the elk munching in and along the Madison River that the pack would be dining that night!

The next morning, all that was left of a yearling elk were some stains in the snow, a pile of hide and fur, and some scraps for the coyotes, ravens, eagles, and magpies.


Mouthful of Fur!
© 2013 Bob Harvey

A mouth full of fur might fill the stomach, but it’s not the ideal meal!


Waiting, hoping for a chance at leftovers
© 2013 Bob Harvey

One resourceful coyote snuck away with one of the elk’s legs (not much meat there) and carefully buried it under a log in the snow.

Lest one think this group, this set of outings, was all about wolves and coyotes, we must mention that the light was perfect all week for bison portraits!


Look into my eyes
© 2013 Bob Harvey

And group shots!


Standing on the edge of Norris Geyser Basin, to warm up after fording Gibbon River
© 2013 Bob Harvey

And that the swans (many had moved on by this time) took particular pleasure swimming through the reflected sun sparkles for our lenses!


Swans in the sparkles!
© 2013 Bob Harvey

The waterfalls were fantastic!  The eagles soared.  And the thermal features yielded magic designs and amazing sounds!

What a way, what group, to wrap up our month in Yellowstone’s Winter Wonderland!

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Yellowstone Winter Photography Safari

Our first week had a mix of snow, blue skies, soft light, and mild temperatures until the last day.  Then the cold moved in, a little uncomfortable, but that is when the magic happens – especially frosted bison! Following are a few more images from the week.  And stay tuned, we begin another week tomorrow.



Frosted Bison
© 2013 Diane Kelsay


Jewel Geyser
© 2013 Bob Harvey


Swan, Madison River
© 2013 Diane Kelsay


Doublet Pool
© 2013 Bob Harvey

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Yellowstone Winter Photography Safari – January 8


Today we saw eagles, swans, bison, and this determined coyote picking an old wolf-killed elk calf clean of the last scraps of food.

We also had glorious light in Norris Geyser Basin.

There are hints of a snowstorm brewing for later in the week!

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Yellowstone Winter Photography Safari


We arrived in West Yellowstone, Montana yesterday to prepare for our four sessions of the Yellowstone Winter Photography Safari.

We have been watching the weather for weeks – and indeed the snowpack is great and the temperatures are perfect (at least for photography).  And, it has started snowing this afternoon – with more in the forecast on and off this week!

Many in our group are (as we write) being loaded into the shuttle in Bozeman.  Others are driving and on their way here.  Tonight we gather for pizza and orientation.

Tomorrow we head into Yellowstone to kick off the 2013 season!

Stay tuned – we’ll post a few images as the weeks go on!

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