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Iceland Photography Adventure


Part of the story of Iceland is about glaciers.  This volcanic island is adorned with some pretty fantastic glaciers.  Tongues of those glaciers spill down from the mountains where they are more accessible to the South Coast visitor.

Pool at the foot of a glacier©2013 Bob Harvey

Pool at the foot of a glacier
©2013 Bob Harvey

The eroding and retreating front end of the glacial tongue creates some rather interesting formations.

Arch of ice©2013 Bob Harvey

Arch of ice
©2013 Bob Harvey

As the glaciers drop down toward the lowlands they deform, creating serac zones of shattered ice.

serac zone©2013 Bob Harvey

serac zone
©2013 Bob Harvey

If the terminus of the glacier is in water, the glacier may calve icebergs into the water.  Here on the South Coast some of those icebergs move from the lagoon, taking a short river ride to the black sand beaches along the coast.

Lagoon filled with icebergs©2013 Bob Harvey

Lagoon filled with icebergs
©2013 Bob Harvey

Backlit iceberg stranded on a black sand beach©2013 Bob Harvey

Backlit iceberg stranded on a black sand beach
©2013 Bob Harvey

The operative word is “melting” – as this 1000 year old (and sometimes much older) ice is rapidly returning to its liquid state!

Iceberg meltdown©2013 Bob Harvey

Iceberg meltdown
©2013 Bob Harvey

All in all, it creates great photographic fun – and lots of food for thought!

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