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Rwanda! Gorillas & More

Post 2 – Golden Monkeys, Volcanoes National Park

Gorillas aren’t the only ones who like to play. Golden Monkeys also like to do a lot of playing around and with lots of energy. They also like to eat!

© Diane Kelsay
Not only greens, but tasty insects. © Diane Kelsay
And they like to share. © Diane Kelsay
Easily crossed by ground, it’s so much more fun to fly. © Diane Kelsay
Do I really want to do this? © Diane Kelsay
Watch me! © Diane Kelsay

Crashing sounds in the bamboo forest, monkey after monkey making the leap into the thick bamboo. I never saw one land on a branch.

© Diane Kelsay
© Diane Kelsay
© Diane Kelsay
Curious and friendly, and not too shy. Fun times photographing them. And the colors and textures are beautiful. © Diane Kelsay
© Diane Kelsay

We still have space for one woman in January of 2023 and a couple people in 2024. Check out our Rwanda Gorillas webpage for details and to see more images.

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