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Southwest Photography Adventure

Part 1 – The Magic of the Southwest


Eye of the Sun
© 2013 Bob Harvey

The Southwest is an amazing region to visit – and a great set of photographic opportunities for those who come with cameras!  Pop-out colors combine with big bold lines to carve out stunning compositions – and there is no end to the photography play that a creative photographic mind can encounter.


Mittens at first light
© 2013 Bob Harvey

We love to bring photographers to this region.  Not only can we put them in great places in great light – but it is the perfect laboratory for participants to master a number of crucial skills.

In this land of strong lines and bold colors, one can tackle the issues of composition and design – without having to worry about working around the complexities found in many other compositional environments.  Learn it here – apply it everywhere else in the world!


Late light in Mystery Valley
© 2013 Bob Harvey

This is the place to really grasp taking control of metering and exposure.  In this environment you can control the exposure, learn from your mistakes, review trials and adjust exposures until you have perfect images.  Along the way you can build an approach and rhythm that will pay you back everywhere you explore with your cameras.


Dunes at dawn
© 2013 Bob Harvey

This is a land of deep saturated colors.  Here, often the dynamic range exceeds what one can capture in a single image.  This is a place to learn to design with color… and with deep black shadows…


Lower Antelope Slot Canyon
© 2013 Bob Harvey

And a place where sometimes you want to throw away all color and “see” the composition in black and white!

Anasazi Granary in Honeymoon Arch, Mystery Valley © 2013 Bob Harvey

Anasazi Granary in Honeymoon Arch, Mystery Valley
© 2013 Bob Harvey


Our October 2013 group came home with an outstanding selection of new images.  Techniques were mastered.  Magic moments in nature were witnessed!  Adventures were shared!  We’ll blog more about this in the coming days!
Next up:  Photographing the Moon!

Don’t forget to visit our web page on the Southwest at http://www.naturephotographyadventures.com/workshop.photo.monument.htm



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