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Namibia Photography Safari with Nature Photography Adventures
September 3-17, 2017

Namibia!  A photographer’s paradise.  Think dunes, desert elephants, big cats, watering holes, ghost trees, Etosha National Park, Damaraland, and the Himba, a nomadic tribe still clinging to the old ways.  And think big bold night skies with great foreground objects!  Join us for a photography safari that weaves together all of these – and more!



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2017 Prices:
Single Occupancy - $11,200
Double Occupancy - $11,950

Prices increase by $400 November 1, 2016

$1,000 deposit with application

Namibia is a large country with a low population.  It’s a dry country, home to the ancient Namib desert and parts of the great Kalahari, a place where animals and people are drawn to sources of water.  This is a place of sweeping vistas and towering dunes.  It’s also a place where the desert air and lack of human light sources bring the night sky closer to earth!

We’ll start with animals, basing at Andersson’s Camp on the south edge of Etosha National Park.  Andersson’s has a waterhole right off the dining area – and a hide that will enable us to get even closer to the animals.  We’ll split our time between capturing images right at the camp – and venturing into Etosha on game drives!  Think elephants and giraffes, lions and warthogs, kudu and oryx, and more!



Then we’ll work our way to the heart of Damaraland, where we’ll find a great lodge perched among weathered boulders!  From this base, we’ll explore petroglyphs etched into the rocks by ancient hunters and gatherers and the unique landscapes of Damaraland.  We’ll search out the desert elephants.
And we’ll dedicate a day to visiting the Himba!  This remarkable tribe has kept to the old ways, while others have adapted to changing times.  They are nomadic, matriarchal, and have some rather unique customs – all of which generate meaningful imaging opportunities.

Damaraland provides us an exciting opportunity to photograph the night sky with carefully flashed rock formations in the foreground!  This desert environment makes it feel like you could reach out and touch the stars!


We’ll change surroundings again as we move to the Okonjima Reserve and Africats.  This remarkable (and huge) private reserve and foundation are focused on preserving the future of leopards and cheetahs!  Our visit will help underwrite their conservation efforts – and it will enable us to approach and photograph big cats in several amazing settings.


We’ll track leopards and cheetahs with radio collars, finding them in their natural habitats!  These animals are protected on the reserve because they are too accustomed to humans to be safe in an environment where humans and cats collide.  But that also means they are less shy than other cats – and we will appreciate that as we walk near to them and compose unique images. 

We’ll also observe uncollared cats (lions, leopards, and cheetahs) in hides.  These animals are not ready to be released into the bigger reserve – and the hides enable us to be very close for some great animal images!


Now, for the grand climax, we’ll position ourselves deep in the Namib Desert southwest of Windhoek.  Here sand dunes tower over the snags of old trees in what has been described as the oldest desert on the planet.  We’ve arranged to be out in the dunes at sunrise and sunset – and to explore this unique environment at dawn by hot air balloon (conditions permitting).

Our photography safari in Namibia is timed for the beginning of Namibia’s winter – a time when temperatures are comfortable during the day to chilly at night, and when we have great opportunities for clear skies and dramatic light!

We have arranged great locations for base camps – lodges that are in the right places and are very comfortable to outstanding – providing all the necessities for a group of photographers that needs to download, charge, review images, and clean gear before heading back out on safari!

This is a great opportunity to improve your existing skills, grow new skills, experience once in a lifetime events, and come home with great images!  Join us!


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