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Tanzania Photography Safari


Lions in Love
© 2013 Diane Kelsay


This has been an awesome safari so far.  The group is doing well with photography and we have been treated to many rare experiences.  We saw the Big 5 (elephant, rhino, leopard, cape buffalo, lion) by day 2.  We watched and photographed rhinos mating!  Our guide has never even seen this in the 15 years he has guided.  Another rare sighting, the serval, stalked birds for a few minutes right in front of us.  Then there were zebras fighting and lions “dating”. More to come, moving now to the Serengeti.


Rhino moving fast across the crater floor
© 2013 Diane Kelsay


Rhinos mating
© 2013 Diane Kelsay


Serval looking for breakfast
© 2013 Diane Kelsay

Serval about to chase a bird© 2013 Diane Kelsay

Serval about to chase a bird
© 2013 Diane Kelsay

Zebras fighting© 2013 Diane Kelsay

Zebras fighting
© 2013 Diane Kelsay

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