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Argentina Explorations

We are off to explore the Northern deserts/mountains of Argentina.  First we land in Buenos Aires and will spend our first day & night in the Recoleta District.

We love this city.  After fun walks to photograph, shop, dine, we’ll get our first night’s sleep after leaving home.  Then we will be ready for our flight the next morning to San Juan where our adventure begins. We are very excited about seeing and photographing all of the landscapes we will visit.

We start with Talampaya National Park and Ischigualasto Provincial Park. The parks together have been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site and are rarely visited.  We’ll photograph red variegated cliffs and strange rock formations, the Valley of the Moon and fossils!

More in a few days from Argentina…

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Be Prepared for Action

We are on a whale watching outing in Glacier Bay, Alaska and hear a huge splash that sounds like a rocket hit the water.  You can even feel it!  Everyone yells “we missed it”.  I aim toward the waves in the water and wait and tell people it might happen again, get ready.  Sure enough, another breach and I start clicking the shutter like crazy.  It is typical for a humpback whale to breach several times – it is known for some to breach for hours.  And we are on a whale watching outing so my camera is set for action.

After several test exposures, I set my camera, Nikon D700 at 400 ISO, aperture f13, shutter speed 1/1000, sunny white balance.

I tried several combinations and liked this one the best, just enough shutter speed to stop the whale but slow enough to show motion in the water.

Study the behavior of your subject in advance and have your camera ready to capture the action.  The day presented dozens of whale performances, not all breaches, but all beautiful.  It is awesome to watch something so huge look so graceful.

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