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Continuous Shooting

As I, Diane, explained in the previous post, I like to watch animal behavior and pick the moment.  That said, there are times when continuous is the best option.  Like the antics of a zebra taking a dust bath.  Sometimes events happen so quickly (like seeing a cloud of dust that might have action) it’s hard to follow with your eye, let alone pick the moment. And there were many to choose from, a real bonus.

Zebra taking a dust bath.
© 2017 Diane Kelsay

Bob writing, now… I was crouching on the edge of a cliff where puffins are flying in from the sea with little fish to feed their young in burrows very close to where I am standing, but also spread out along at least a kilometer of cliff edge.  Birds were coming in from the sea in a steady stream.  They knew where their burrow was, but I didn’t.  As they approached the cliff edge, they would suddenly pivot and fly parallel to the cliff, looking for an opportunity to land at their burrows.  They fly like little bullets.  From the time they make that turn to the time when all you can see is the backside is a matter of 5 to 10 seconds.  One has to “lock on” to focus as they approach, follow the turn, and then make a batch of continuous releases.  Assuming your follow focus holds (and it does more often than not with current technology) you’ll get to pick from several images.  If you get really lucky, like I did in this image, the puffin will make one more turn toward you to land at a nearby burrow.  Then instead of a sideways image, you get more of a head-on shot!

© 2018 Bob Harvey


It’s important to build your skills at recognizing and capturing unique moments. There are times when your eye can’t follow the speed of the action and continuous exposure is a great too.

Botswana, Fish Eagle coming in for the catch.
© 2018 Diane Kelsay

The next frame on continuous!
© 2018 Diane Kelsay

Alaska Bears – who gets the next salmon?
© 2018 Bob Harvey

Zebra wars
© Bob Harvey

Understand that there are times when you are in a quiet place and rapid fire could disturb the wildlife and/or your fellow travelers, causing you all to miss the shot.

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