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All over the world, tourism has been shut down by the actions of countries and companies, as we work to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

That shutdown has sent guides and other employees of tour companies, restaurants, lodges, parks, and conservation efforts home – often without pay.  And communities next to parks and protected resources are suffering.

That shutdown has stopped the flow of money that governments use to manage and maintain parks and protected areas – and to prevent poaching and encroachments on natural areas.

That shutdown has left many conservation organizations and private reserves without the income they derive from visitors.

In short, the shutdown, while slowing the virus, has put the well-being of many people, protected places, special species, local communities next to protected places, and our ability to travel to photograph them at risk.

The solution is to start the flow of visitors, especially photographers, as soon as the health risk lets up. To encourage that – and to send a message to the people, lodges, tour operators, conservation organizations, and governments that we are coming back – we have crafted the special offer below:


Our COVID-19 recovery offer:
Sign up, between today and August 1, 2020 for one or more new adventures (after September 1, 2020).

Then, we’ll discount every additional adventure you sign up for during the period from August 1, 2020 through December 31, 2022 by $500*. Those adventures can be any time in the future, so long as they are on our calendar when you sign up.

Discount taken from final payment
Adventure must meet minimum number of participants
Planned payments must be on time
We won’t inflate tour prices to absorb this discount
We promise (as always) to keep a close eye on the businesses that will be there to deliver great experiences (if necessary, we will make changes in itineraries to ensure this)

We understand your personal economics might be shaky right now. However, you can choose an adventure that is scheduled as far out as 2022 and only “invest” in the deposit for now.


We want to introduce our Wild Adventures!  These are adventures that often demand a little more of our clients (physically or mentally) and may take them further from the grid than our normal adventures.  Check out our Wild Adventures here.

Following are our existing Wild Adventures with available space:

Belize Wild Adventure 2020
November 11-21
One room left

Pantanal Photography Safari 2021
August 21-30 and October 20-29
Limited Space – we need to hear from you quickly

Iceland Winter Landscapes, Ice Forms and Aurora 21
November 10-20

Katmai Alaska Bears 2022
July 31 – August 7, 2022


Here are some opportunities among our main Nature Photography Adventures:

Tanzania 2021
February 17-28, 2021

Galapagos Photography Odyssey 2021 (Postponed from 2020)
March 28-April 10, 2021
1 space available – male/sharing

Ecuador Birds
June 19-26, 2021

Iceland Photography Adventure
July 7-16, 2021
2 spots left!

Iceland Drones Photography Adventure
July 18-26, 2021
2 spots left!

Mara Crossing!
August 8-19, 2021
Epic moments with the great migration!!!

Kenya Photography Safari
September 9-20, 2021
Rhinos, chimps, Amboseli, the Mara Triangle, and the great migration!

Belize and Guatemala 2021
Back on our calendar!
Dec 3-12

Costa Rica
January 23-31, 2022
Inspire yourself!

Tanzania 2022
February 14-25, 2022

Botswana Photography Safari 2022
March 5-17, 2022

2022 Galapagos Photography Odyssey
April 10-23, 2022

2022 Galapagos Enchanted Isles
April 15-25

2022 Tanzania Mara Crossing
August 15-26
Witness the crossing!  And so much more!

Kenya Photography Safari
August 30 – September 10, 2022