Yellowstone is now open.  Yesterday was very quiet since it was closed – and we saw wolves within the first 5 minutes. Today we followed wolf tracks for 16 miles until we came across a herd of 12 bison.  The wolf pack of 15 had them circled – the bison all huddled together.  The wolves then retreated and we made our way to Canyon.  On the return, the wolves were prowling around the herd but still no action.  We’ll see what we find in the morning.

Yellowstone National Park Closed

Wolf feeding on the pack’s kill while ravens try to sneak in. © 2018 Diane Kelsay

We are, at present, ready to enter the park on Monday with group 3 for 2018.  The Yellowstone concessionaires will pay to keep minimal services open to the tour operators that are licensed and permitted and have pre-sold tours.

Sunday, 21 January – Our group is now on their way here for this exciting week.  A few more forms came our way to fill out but it looks like all is in order for our entry tomorrow. It looks like we will have more services than expected (like warm restrooms open) at least for the short run.

It is sad that Yellowstone would be closed, not only because it is a special national park, but it is also a World Heritage Site.

A coyote feasts on a goose dinner.
© 2018 Diane Kelsay

Keep checking back for information as we have it.


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