Yellowstone and Grand Teton Fall Photography Safari

Our early arrival

Bob and I arrived a few days early to scout photographic opportunities for our group.  Even with all of our electronic devices with solar/moon calculations, there is nothing like being there – watching and timing the first light on the mountains. We had this down to the minute when we brought the group back a few days later.

Early light at Oxbow Bend© 2013 Diane Kelsay

Early light at Oxbow Bend
© 2013 Diane Kelsay

Sunrise, Oxbow Bend© 2013 Bob Harvey

Sunrise, Oxbow Bend
© 2013 Bob Harvey

Of course we also took time to do what we love, time on the water.

Kayaking Jackson Lake, Tetons reflected in unusually calm water.© 2013 Diane Kelsay

Kayaking Jackson Lake, Tetons reflected in unusually calm water.
© 2013 Diane Kelsay

After a glorious day of paddling, we set out to find where the wildlife was hiding at day’s end. We scouted our favorite secret moose location and out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a moose back in the woods.  We quietly and slowly walked in his direction, stopping often so he could get used to our presence without alarm.  There was a stream between us which offered a feeling of security for all of us.  It took about an hour to get to our final position where he came out of the trees into the open area next to the water.

Moose looking at potential munchies.© 2013 Diane Kelsay

Moose looking at potential munchies.
© 2013 Diane Kelsay

After enjoying his evening meal, and still feeling calm with us nearby, he settled down and let us photograph from several angles.

Moose by the stream© 2013 Diane Kelsay

Moose by the stream
© 2013 Diane Kelsay

© 2013 Diane Kelsay

© 2013 Diane Kelsay


Patience paid off.  Not only did we get some nice photos, but we enjoyed so much just watching him go about his life. It was a special evening. Sometimes photographers forget to just observe, but learning about the wildlife you are photographing also pays off in better photography. Unfortunately, he did not appear when we took the group back.  I’ll bet he was watching us though.  The group did get great sunrises, bears, and coyotes catching mice, so do stay tuned for the next entries of our Fall Photography Safari.


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