Tanzania Photography Safari

This 4th post will conclude my blog for our February Tanzania Photography Safari.  If you are just visiting for the first time, be sure and scroll down through the other 3 posts.  This was such a memorable trip with the many rare sightings we had and were able to photograph.  At the end of our trip, everyone felt very touched by the sign as we entered Lake Manyara National Park – Remove nothing from the park except: Nourishment for the soul; Consolation for the heart; Inspiration for the mind.  They said “that was our trip”!  Join us in 2015 http://www.naturephotographyadventures.com/workshop.photo.tanzania.htm


Zebras and wildebeest running together
© 2013 Diane Kelsay

The lion cub photo on the last post seemed to be everyone’s favorite, so I am including 2 more of the 20 or so shots I got of this cute little guy.


Lion cub taking a cat nap
© 2013 Diane Kelsay


Ah, nap didn’t last long
© 2013 Diane Kelsay

And speaking of yawns, check out the teeth on this cheetah.


© 2013 Diane Kelsay


Sure, we can back up, no problem
© 2013 Diane Kelsay


Elephant dust bath
© 2013 Diane Kelsay


Look at those lashes – yeah, we were pretty close
© 2013 Diane Kelsay


The elegance of the flamingo
© 2013 Diane Kelsay


Taking flight
© 2013 Diane Kelsay


Storm coming in late afternoon, Serengeti
© 2013 Diane Kelsay


Sunrise after the storm
© 2013 Diane Kelsay

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