Tanzania Photography Safari

Our first morning in the Serengeti… I was awakened by the sounds of lions roaring, hippos grunting, and something munching the grass outside my tent.  I thought that would just be a giraffe – not so.  At 6:00 am my fearless Maasai warrior escort arrives and starts stomping and yelling to chase away two cape buffalo right off my deck blocking my exit (fortunately the deck is 4’ high).  The buffalo responds and gives me some space.  I did check to make sure my escort had his spear before I came down the steps.  We always have an escort when it is dark.


Sunrise, Camp Masek, near my tent
© 2013 Diane Kelsay

After breakfast, we had a beautiful sunrise by my favorite tree here at Masek (which is near my tent).  The day only got better with lots of cats and more.


Lions having a family discussion
© 2013 Diane Kelsay


Leopard sleeping high in a tree
© 2013 Diane Kelsay


Lion cooling off in the shade at the granite kopjes in the Serengeti
© 2013 Diane Kelsay


Lion cub (about 3 months old) in the kopjes
© 2013 Diane Kelsay


Crowned cranes, protecting the nest
© 2013 Diane Kelsay


Young zebra snuggling up to mom
© 2013 Diane Kelsay



© 2013 Diane Kelsay


© 2013 Diane Kelsay


© 2013 Diane Kelsay


© 2013 Diane Kelsay

We met some Maasai junior warriors out herding goats and stopped to chat. One of them tried to offer me his necklace, didn’t know what that implied so I gracefully declined.


photo taken by Said, our guide

More photos to come in a few days.

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